Getting started

LocMoFit is a tool developed in MATLAB. LocMoFit composites a set of classes and functions. You can download them here or get them as a part of SMAP (Super-resolution Microscopy Analysis Platform), a modular analysis platform for SMLM data. LocMoFit comes with its graphic user interface only in SMAP.

LocMoFit can be used in the following ways:

  • In MATLAB environments, as classes and functions that can be called.

  • As a plugin of SMAP (check section Installation for SMAP on GitHub), which also has a fully functional stand-alone version.


Requirements differ according to the two following scenarios:

Running in MATLAB environments (with/without SMAP)

  1. MATLAB 2022a (optional) and newer. Toolboxes: Optimization, Image processing, Curve fitting, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Global Optimization.

  2. Mac or Windows.

  3. SMAP (optional but highly recommended).

Running in the stand-alone version of SMAP

  1. Mac or Windows.

  2. The stand-alone version of SMAP (can be downloaded from here)


    The stand-alone version requires no MATLAB license but is limited in extendibility. Installation notes can be downloaded here.

  3. MATLAB Runtime R2022a (no MATLAB license required).



You can access LocMoFit by installing SMAP. Check section Installation for SMAP on GitHub.

Without SMAP

You can download the zipped files of LocMoFit here. To install the code, simply unzip (usually in less than 5 min) the file and add the path of the unzipped folder to MATLAB.

Using LocMoFit with GUI now (SMAP required)

After the installation, we are ready to go. To learn more about the LocMoFit GUI, we recommend you to follow the tutorial Quick start.